Chux Duets Cleaning Cloths 2-pack

$4.00 each


There's nothing more frustrating than finding streak marks left behind after you have spent time carefully cleaning.

Introducing new Chux Duets, a two-step cleaning system designed for today's homes. New Bathroom Duets is perfect for high gloss finishes such as mirrors, tiles and shower screens and is also ideal for taps and bathroom accessories. The first cloth used wet will cut through soap scum and grime and the second cloth used dry will absorb moisture, resulting in a streak-free finish.

Chux Duets microfibre cloths use Smart Weave technology, with each cloth specifically tailored for the job at hand.

Made from millions of superfine fibres that work like hooks to lift and trap dirt particles as well as picking up moisture, for that streak-free finish.

Microfibre - Picks up dirt, grime and moisture leaving the surface nice and dry.

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